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A global view of financial life during COVID-19

– As the pandemic spreads across the globe, financial decision-maker behavior and sentiment continues to shift.

Reimagining customer service to manage delinquencies after COVID-19

– Building the right long-term capabilities to help consumers in financial distress and successfully mitigate and manage delinquencies takes time. All institutions with future receivables must act now.

Top ten myths of technology modernization in insurance

– Many insurers have experienced unsuccessful tech modernization efforts. To reverse this trend, insurers need to first become aware of common misconceptions—and then address them head-on.

What insurers can learn from China’s continuing COVID-19 recovery

– A recent McKinsey survey of Chinese agents offers insights into how COVID-19 has affected the Chinese insurance industry and what insurers can do moving forward.

How insurance can prepare for the next distribution model

– As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, it will continue to affect insurance distribution around the world. Insurers can prepare by building a strategy focused on near- and long-term implications.

Reshaping retail banking for the next normal

– Retail banks have a prominent role to play in guiding the world toward economic recovery, while preserving the health of their organizations.

The state of North American retail wealth management

– Nothing will pay more dividends in the long run than serving as trusted advisors and guiding clients through the months ahead. Financial advice has never been more important.

Banking imperatives for managing climate risk

– More than regulatory pressure is driving banks to manage climate risk. Financing a green agenda is also a commercial imperative—but specialized skills are needed to protect balance sheets.

How healthy is the Asian financial system?

– Will the impact of COVID-19 lead to a financial crisis in Asia? A look at the complex dynamics at play could help policy makers and corporations prepare for that possibility.

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Short takes on critical topics for leaders in banking, securities and beyond.

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Short insights on topics that matter to leaders in the global insurance industry.

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Next-gen technology transformation in financial services

– A road map for technology innovation, tech productivity, and platform modernization.

Digital disruption in insurance: Cutting through the noise

Digital insurance in 2018: Driving real impact with digital and analytics. Highlights from articles this year show the progress... that has been made in reinventing the insurance landscape—and suggest more disruption to come.

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Reaching the next normal of insurance core technology

– Now more than ever, insurers are focusing on reimagining the role of technology, reinventing technology delivery, and future-proofing... the foundation of core technology. Twelve articles dive deep into the what, why, and how.

Optimizing data controls in banking

– Banks need to do more in four important areas of data culture to build the risk-related data-control capabilities they will need... in the coming decade.

African banking after the crisis

– Here’s how African banks can manage the impact of COVID-19—and prepare for recovery.

Financial decision-maker sentiment: Chile

– An ongoing look at how the attitudes of financial decision makers in Chile are evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The next normal in consumer: Implications for Consumer Goods M&A

– Lessons from the global financial crisis teach us that consumer goods companies should consider an active approach to M&A,... adapted to the current context, to emerge stronger in the next normal.
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The value of value creation

– Long-term value creation can—and should—take into account the interests of all stakeholders.

How the COVID-19 crisis may affect electronic payments in Africa

– Beyond securing the health and safety of Africa’s people, governments and their partners must find a way back to growth and restore... businesses and incomes. Africa’s payments industry has a key role.

Asia wealth management post-COVID-19: Adapting and thriving in an uncertain world

– Asia’s wealth managers—new entrants and incumbents alike—must reinvent themselves as agile and flexible organizations in order... to succeed for the long term once the pandemic is past.

The investigator-centered approach to financial crime: Doing what matters

– The investigator-centered approach to fighting financial crime fosters collaboration among banks, law-enforcement agencies, and... regulators for greater effectiveness, efficiency, and social impact.

Tracking US small and medium-sized business sentiment during COVID-19

– US small businesses continue to report uncertainty about the future as the coronavirus pandemic continues, although overall sentiment... appears to be plateauing in recent weeks.

No going back: New imperatives for European banking

– Now is the time for Europe’s banking leaders to reimagine how their institutions operate and their role in society.
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